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Mt. Shasta
Body Energy Alignment

Neesa Ginger Mills
Body Alignment Specialist

 Mt. Shasta, CA 

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~ Recover Flexibility and Healthy Energy Flow ~

~ Release Pain ~  

~ Discover Alignment by uniting the physical, emotional & spiritual  ~

Dedicated to Serving

Highly Sensitive People

Spiritual Devotees

Optimal Wellness

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Upgrade Your Frequency 

Relax. Balance. Energize. Synchronize. Transform. 

People are reporting rapid reduction of pain, inflammation, increased range of motion in dysfunctional joints, plus an elevated sense of energy balance with the Kloud. This PEMA - Pulsed Electromagnetic Activation - mat is a relaxing and energizing experience with cumulative benefits. 

 First PEMA Session is complementary
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1180 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd, Suite C, Mt. Shasta, CA 

The image at right shows how the Kloud and its companion devices restore water crystals to a healthy structured state. 

The top row shows water crystals that have been exposed to a 5G router. 

To learn more about Centropix tech click this link.

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Brand New to Mt. Shasta Body Energy Alignment Healings with Neesa?

Book your first-time session (above left), then complete your forms (downloadable below).

*Bring your completed essential paperwork to your first alignment session or come 15 minutes early. 

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*Plus Kloud Frequency Optimization. 

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"She worked so wonderfully with the subtle energies in my body... I was dancing in the grass after my session." 

"Neesa has an amazing and varied repertoire of healing modalities - so supportive and effective."

"I am amazed at the wonder depth, and breadth at what she reflects in her work.

Guiding me with her skills and life wisdom, I felt she truly followed me enabling me to touch places I couldn’t otherwise have felt, holding  

a very gentle supportive space for uncovering and releasing past traumas I had stored in my body.


With Neesa, I have cleared core traumas that I’ve not been able to reach before, and that has freed my capacity for love and self-love in the world.

I would recommend her as a guide and a supportive healing presence to anyone who wants to make a leap forward in their life." ~ Wendy

"I felt this AMAZING positive high after our recent energy upgrade and alignment session."

"Even though I've had great success with your sessions countless times over the last several years, this last time I was definitely on another plane after you guided me through the new Body Energy Alignment work you've been developing.


When drama/trauma happened around me for days after, it was like a had a teflon shield.


My hip also stopped hurting.” ~ Graciela

"After just one session, my spine feels more aligned with less physical tension, which allowed my muscles and nervous system space to relax and unwind."
"I recently had a session with Neesa to begin the re-correction of some damage after a recent car accident; and I'm sure some things that were probably there before the accident.
While her techniques are different and much more gentle than what I've been accustomed to from chiropractors, they are effective.
I cannot recommend her services enough. I'm looking forward to watching her practice grow and flourish in Shasta." ~ Damien

"Dr. Mills is a true healer."

"She worked on my back a few times, each time relieving me of pain. She is very intuitive and nurturing healer.

I highly recommend her and feel blessed that we have her here in Mount Shasta." ~ Rick

"My experience with Dr. Neesa for the past 15 years has always been exactly what I need."

"Recently, my jaw went out of alignment from dental work. When I woke up the next day, everything was back into alignment and my jaw pain subsided.
She's a down to earth, gentle caring soul and a gifted intuitive healer. I highly recommend her."
~ Lauren

Welcome to Body Energy Alignment

After 25 years in chiropractic and my personal quest to understand the flow of biofield energy, I have seen firsthand how the physical and energy bodies are intimately interconnected and cannot be separated. 


This is why I created a system that weaves it all together - for results that are routinely long-lasting and offer an opportunity to truly uplevel health and well-being.

As the founder of Body Energy Alignment™, my hands-on approach brings together the alignment of body structures,

the flow of energy within the body, as well as the invisible bio-field outside the body. 

Here's why: 


When people experience just bodywork or just energy work, there is a missed opportunity to integrate healing on all levels.

If you receive energy healing alone, the body can’t always translate the shifts into enhanced physical changes to advance health and flexibility in the body form.


If you receive only physical bodywork, there is a missed chance to get underneath the energetic patterns that typically cause ill health and misalignment in the first place. In this case, the results don't usually last.


Fortunately, I have a special intuitive gift that allows me to perceive the unseen and help my clients understand the potential causes of their physical challenges. 


As a result, my clients routinely experience big shifts quickly and find greater flow and ease physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

I look forward to getting to know you ~

        Neesa Ginger Mills

neesa sharper clarity edited (1)_edited.jpg

"It’s amazing... every human in the world needs this kind of masterful energetic bodywork!!!"


"I feel sooo much lighter, less stressed and more focused after working with Neesa, only twice.


My arm pain is completely gone after she worked on my structural alignment. Then the most amazing shifts happened in my emotional reality when worked together on some family issues that had me feeling stuck, heavy and worried... 

More conscious of my reactions to triggers where I’d normally put my guard up, more receptive to feeling emotions and not holding them. It lifted a huge weight off me. I kinda knew I was carrying it but didn’t realize how great lifting it would feel." 


~ Brandy

"After my first session, I was pain free, and began to sleep comfortably again for the first time in months."
wills (1).png
"When I first saw Dr. Mills, I had been experiencing back pain that kept me awake at night for several years. I had seen another chiropractor for several years, so I was amazed at the rapid results that Dr. Mills’ work produced.
I instantly felt in good hands with Dr. Mills’ and was impressed by the sensitivity and gentle nature of her unique approach.
Being sensitive to my body as a Tai Chi practitioner, I could feel how she was able to work with the energy and breath of my body so that my nervous system could restore optimal functioning.
I highly recommend Dr. Mills to anyone in pain!" 
~ Wills 

"She helped me remove some deep trauma that was hiding in my body."

Neesa is absolutely wonderful! Her profound healing is supportive to the mind, body, and spirit. She helped me remove some deep trauma that was hiding in my body and it has allowed me to feel better in my daily life. I felt so supported in my session with her and highly recommend her!

~ Hala

About Neesa

About Neesa Ginger Mills

After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in 1993, Neesa practiced as a licensed chiropractor in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 25 years. 

She then entered a sabbatical period from hands-on practice - moving through deep spiritual initiation and a time of travel, studying art, ceremonial life, online teaching, offering distance healings, and creating a powerful series of sacred geometry paintings.

"After years of spiritual and creative focus, I am excited to return to holistic, hands-on practice with a renewed perspective, a perspective that has only fueled the power of my professional offerings."

Neesa found home in magical Mount Shasta in 2020 and was called to open her hands-on practice under a new name - Body Energy Alignment, along with a new professional licensure platform.     

Her current licensure is with the Professional Wellness Alliance (PWA), an international organization dedicated to protecting freedom of alternative healing choice so that individuals can decide on their own path of holistic care and their practitioners. 

As a client of BodyEnergyAlignment, you are asked to support this organization by becoming a PWA member at no cost. It is simply an act of standing for freedom. 

Mills, Ginger PWA License (1)-page-0_edited.jpg
IMG_0487 (1)_edited.jpg
Creator Soul Medicine

In Addition to Body Energy Alignment... 

Neesa is the founder of CreativeFeminineRising™ - supporting women in finding sovereign Health, Spiritual and Artist Self Expression. 

She guides women online and in retreat settings through their own Feminine Awakening. She also supports groups and individuals to spark their creative fire and find inner clarity through a joyful painting process called Art as Soul Medicine.™

You can learn more about Neesa's offerings and her line of encoded mandala art online at

She is a visionary artist, an ordained priestess, and a certified teacher of Intentional Creativity™. 

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Phone: 650-642-7955

1180 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd, Suite C, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

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